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Dang, people don’t notice the homeless even when they’re family members

Dang, people don't notice the homeless even when they're family members

To most people living in cities around the world, the homeless have essentially become invisible. They blend into the streets, they’re background noise, they’re just a part of the fabric of a city like buildings and street lights and crosswalks. Only… they’re human. Just like us. To prove how invisible the homeless are to normal decent folks, NYC Rescue Mission did a social experiment where they dressed people’s family members as homeless to see how they would react. Everybody just walked by without saying a word to their family, some never even gave a glance to their relatives.

The clip gets a bit heavy handed but if you can ignore that, the NYC Rescue Mission wants to do something to help out the homeless.

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Daily Roundup: Samsung’s love of plastic, Siri for Apple TV and more!

You might say the day is never really done in consumer technology news. Your workday, however, hopefully draws to a close at some point. This is the Daily Roundup on Engadget, a quick peek back at the top headlines for the past 24 hours — all handpicked by the editors here at the site. Click on through the break, and enjoy.

Defiantly plastic: designing the Galaxy S5

Many of you might be wondering why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is crafted from polycarbonate instead of metal. According to Senior Product Designer Dong Hun Kim, plastic is warmer, friendlier and better symbolizes the company’s design concepts.

A Siri-controlled Apple TV may be on the way

A few lines of code in the iOS 7.1 software development kit suggest that you might soon be able to control your Apple TV with your voice. All thanks to Siri, of course. There’s also mention of a mysterious new device, identified by a solitary “3.” A new set top-box, perhaps?

Your connected home could one day save your life

Imagine that your house could notify you of a slight heart murmur or make diet suggestions based upon your sugar levels. Today’s smart gadgets aren’t quite there yet, but the connected house may one day play a much larger role in healthcare.

Amazon will add older HBO shows to Prime Instant Video, HBO Go to Fire TV

Today, HBO signed a deal with Amazon to bring a few of its classic shows to Prime Instant Video members for free. What’s more, the Fire TV is getting its own HBO Go app. Let the marathons begin.


Source Article from http://www.engadget.com/2014/04/23/samsungs-plastic-dedication-siri-apple-tv/?ncid=rss_truncated

Black Mirror, Black Hole: Kill Your Television

don't waste your time TV screenWould you believe that some people think the internet is a time waster? Well, not at this particular address of course, but we can think of some other sites that are absolute rabbit holes without so much as a rousing game of croquet at the bottom. If you need help achieving what Tim Ferriss dubbed a Low Information Diet, there are browser extensions that will block your access to sites that keep you from getting things done. [Ivan's girlfriend] has taken this time management tack seriously and even created a simple web page that states “Don’t Waste Your Time!” that will show if she tries to get to Facebook.

There’s one small problem with all this, and it’s been around for a long time. [Ivan's girlfriend] still watches TV. Out of love and respect for her goals, he decided to prank her by blocking her TV viewing. In a delightful twist, the TV will display her own web page to her after 30 seconds.

They have digital and analog TVs, so he had to set up both in order to cover his bases. The digital TV is a monitor fed from a set-top box with HDMI out. As the STB can only be controlled via IR remote, [Ivan] used an HDMI switch to change from the STB input to a Raspi that will display the reprimanding web page and play Pink Floyd’s “Time“.

The analog TV took  slightly more doing. He put a Raspi on the AV input, but connected it from the inside so nothing looked suspicious. The Raspi checks the TV status every second and switches to the Pi once the TV is on. Same deal: judgmental web page, Pink Floyd. The beauty part is that both of [Ivan]‘s setups also record her reaction; the digital TV uses a dash camera and the analog  uses an Android phone. Check out [Ivan]‘s tour of the analog TV Pi after the break.

If you or [Ivan's girlfriend] need even more time management help, there’s always the roll-your-own-Pomodoro timer.


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I can’t take my eyes off this impossibly pinpoint accurate laser cutter

I can't take my eyes off this impossibly pinpoint accurate laser cutter

It’s like watching a ballerina dance. It’s like seeing an invisible hold never let go. It’s a multi-axis laser cutter with such pinpoint accuracy that it never moves from the spot it’s set at. It’s impossible. If these are our future robot overlords, it makes complete sense. Take me now.

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Source Article from http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/mEe1wGGiYNM/+caseychan

Need An Idea For Your Next Kickstarter? Check Out This Kickstarter!


Kickstarter has become the most powerful force in kickstarting new hardware projects, video games, documentaries, and board games, and now everyone wants a piece of the action. The problem obviously isn’t product development and engineering; you can just conjure that up with a little bit of Photoshop and some good PR. The only you really need for a good Kickstarter is an idea, and META is just the tool for the job. It’s the Arduino-powered Motivational Electronic Text Adviser, the perfect device to generate the next big idea in the world of crowdfunding.

The Arduino-powered META includes three buttons and an Arduino-controlled LCD display. Press a button, and the next big hardware project to wash across the blogs faster than the announcement of a campaign for a $300 3D printer will appear on the screen.

Because META is Arduino-compatible, it’s compatible with existing Arduino sketches. This makes turning the META into the next home automated Bluetooth low energy 4.0 internet of things a snap. Because this is open hardware the laser cut enclosure can easily be upgraded to an RGB LED 3D printer robotic drone bluetooth boombox.

If Kickstarters aren’t your thing, there’s also a cloud-based META that will generate ideas in the mobile app browser cloud. Bitcoin.

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What’s The Most You’d Pay For Netflix?

What's The Most You'd Pay For Netflix?

Netflix will be raising its price in the not-s0-distant future, CEO Reed Hastings announced yesterday in a letter to shareholders. It’s only going up by a dollar or two, but an increase is an increase. But what’s the most you’d pay for Netflix?

To be clear, Hastings said that existing subscribers would get to hang onto their $8/month rate for streaming only. But not for some unlucky future subscribers. For some people two bucks might be enough to make them to cancel. For others, even $10 still feels like a steal. It just depends how much you’re using Netflix, and whether or not you can find anything you actually want to watch. So at what price point would you tap out?

Source Article from http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/WW98cFueUAU/whats-the-most-youd-pay-for-netflix-1565771947

Tilting Amazon’s phone could be the most important thing you do with it

Amazon’s got a at least one smartphone up its sleeves, and we know it’s going to feature some curious 3D effects thanks to a slew of sensors and a quartet of front-facing cameras. That’s not all she wrote, though: previous reports alleged that users could tilt their Amazon phones to and fro to interact with apps, and BGR claims to have more dirt on how that feature works. If true, tilting an Amazon phone could be one of most important things you could do to it.

Let’s say you want to festoon a text message with a saved photo — you’ll need only tilt the phone to the side to open up the camera roll. Tilting in Amazon’s video store will apparently cause IMDB ratings info to appear atop movie images, while performing the sane action in the Kindle app (because of course it’d be included) brings up the X-Ray menu for more in-depth information about the book being read, too. That tilting already seems like a crucial component of Amazon’s phone experience (well, this particular Amazon phone, anyway) but here’s the big question — is the company going to coax other app developers into baking tilt support into their software as well? BGR says yes, and that at least a few third-party apps will play nice when you start swinging your phone around. Hopefully they’re good ones.

On some level, it seems like Amazon is just cramming gimmick after gimmick into this phone in hopes that it’ll crack a jaded market. The company is reportedly going to pull back the curtain on this thing in just a few weeks, so it shouldn’t be long before we see the extent of Amazon’s vision… for better or worse.


Source Article from http://www.engadget.com/2014/04/22/tilt-amazon-phone/?ncid=rss_truncated

[Balint]‘s GNU Radio Tutorials


[Balint] has a bit of history in dealing with software defined radios and cheap USB TV tuners turned into what would have been very expensive hardware a few years ago. Now [Balint] is finally posting a few really great GNU Radio tutorials, aimed at getting software defined radio beginners up and running with some of the coolest hardware around today.

[Balint] is well-known around these parts for being the first person to create a GNU Radio source block for the implausibly inexpensive USB TV tuners, allowing anyone with $20 and enough patience to wait for a package from China to listen in on everything from 22 to 2200 MHz. There’s a lot of interesting stuff happening in that band, including the ACARS messages between airliners and traffic control, something that allowed [Balint] to play air traffic controller with a minimal amount of hardware.

Right now the tutorials are geared towards the absolute beginner, starting at the beginning with getting GNU Radio up and running. From there the tutorials continue to receiving FM radio, and with a small hardware investment, even transmitting over multiple frequencies.

It’s not much of an understatement to say software defined radio is one of the most versatile and fun projects out there. [Balint] even demonstrated triggering restaurant pagers with a simple SDR project, a fun project that is sure to annoy his coworkers.

Source Article from http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/hackaday/LgoM/~3/yTfw_uLn07I/

Oops, Powdered Alcohol Was Actually Approved By Mistake?

Oops, Powdered Alcohol Was Actually Approved By Mistake?

You may have heard about a weird and wonderful new thing called Palcohol coming soon to a store near you. Except, psych! The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is now saying the powdered alcohol product was approved in error—all because of a labeling discrepancy.

The whole situation seems a bit bizarre. A beverage law blog first noticed documents on the government bureau’s website that Palcohol was given “label approval” on April 8. But a spokesman for the bureau told the AP today that the approval was actually in error. The company behind Palcohol elaborated in a statement that there seemed to a problem with how much powder is in the bag and that labels would be resubmitted for approval.

Beverage law experts who spoke to the AP agreed backpedalling seemed odd.

Robert Lehrman, who runs a beverage law website that initially reported on the product, noted that Palcohol had to have gone through an extensive process before reaching the label approval stage.

“An oversight of this nature does not ring true to me,” Lehrman said in a phone interview. He suggested that the bureau may have heard back from lawmakers wanting more information on the powdered alcohols.

In any case, it looks like you won’t be buying Palcohol off the shelves soon. But hey, guess what? You can easily make your own powdered alcohol in the comfort of your own home. [Associated Press]

Top image: Stock phot0 (not actually Palcohol) by Oleg Golovnev/Shutterstock

Source Article from http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/BbkRYcfYYoQ/oops-powdered-alcohol-was-actually-approved-by-mistake-1565844298

Must See HDTV for the week of April 21st: Archer, 30 for 30 and Parks & Rec

ARCHER: Episode 13, Season 5 "Archer Vice: Arrival/Departure" (airing Monday, April 21, 10:00 pm e/p). Archer helps Lana with the delivery of her baby while Krieger tries to prevent the delivery of a deadly weapon. Written by Adam Reed. Pictured: (L-R) Sterling Archer (voice of H. Jon Benjamin), Lana Kane (voice of Aisha Tyler). FX Networks

For this week’s listings we’re switching things up a bit, with a deeper look at some of the highlights. Check after the break for what we think is especially worth watching this week, and drop in the comments if you see any highlights that we’ve missed. We’ll be focusing mostly on new shows, specials or big movie and game releases, so don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten that Game of Thrones or Mad Men is coming on, and we suspect you haven’t either.

Archer Season 5 Finale

Tonight on FX Archer wraps up its first post-spy agency season. Whether or not the “Archer Vice” tag sticks, it’s been a wild ride and after some shaky early episodes it’s continued the quality we’ve become accustomed to. While characters like Archer, Malory and Lana remained mostly the same throughout the transition, cocaine-addicted Pam, occasional dictator Cyril, country singer Cheryl and Dr. Krieger’s Orphan Black moment have been highlights.

(FX, 4/21, 10PM)

30 for 30

This week, ESPN’s documentary series dives into the beautiful game with two movies. The Opposition takes a look at how politics changed the outcome of a 1973 World Cup qualifier between the Soviet Union and Chile, while Maradona ’86 shows one of the game’s greatest players during that year’s FIFA World Cup.

(ESPN, 4/22, 8PM)

Parks & Recreation Season 6 Finale

We’ve almost forgotten that this show was a spinoff from The Office, now that Parks & Recreation is six seasons old. Despite some time on the cancellation hot seat, the show has survived and even thrived as one of the better comedies on the network. Series star and SNL alum Amy Poehler is promising some “exciting moments” in the finale that set up season seven, so have your DVRs ready.

(NBC, 4/26, 8PM)

Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed

If you’re familiar with comedian Jim Gaffigan, you probably already expect plenty of food discussion in his new comedy special. Known for his love of bacon, in his new special obsessions he’s tackling seafood, donuts, fruit and even non-food related obsessions like not wanting to smell. After it airs on sunday night, viewers can stream it on the Comedy Central mobile app, or purchase it on disc or download starting on the 29th.

(Comedy Central, 4/27, 10PM)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

HBO debuts its weekly news hour this week, as comedian John Oliver shifts over from the Daily Show chair to his own vehicle. Promising to cover the news as it happens (as long as it happens on Sunday night, or else it will have to wait until next Sunday), he’ll continue taking a satirical look at current events, just on a new network.

(HBO, 4/27, 11PM)

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

This indie game has already sold over 90,000 copies on PC, Mac and Linux, and it’s coming to the PS4 this week. You play an octopus in a suit pretending to be a human father and… well, that pretty much explains it. Joystiq’s review of the original is a good place to start understanding why the game has been so well received, and its designer says the PS4 edition will have custom controls with Move support, local co-op with multiple players controlling the cephalopod and a focus on the silliness that people really enjoyed about the game.


This week is dominated by NBA and NHL action, as both leagues amp up their playoff action in the first rounds. There’s also plenty of MLB to watch now, and although F1 is taking the weekend off, NASCAR Sprint Cup will be live from Richmond on Saturday afternoon.

NASCAR Spring Cup Toyota Owners 400, Fox, 4/28, 2PM


Source Article from http://www.engadget.com/2014/04/21/must-see-tv/?ncid=rss_truncated