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Welcome to Red Slime, the personal journal of Orange Claymore. This site contains work I have done over the years, audio and video. Things i like to do are as followed; skateboarding, computers, video games, listening to bad music, guns and creating music (check noise section). I also pass live feeds of interesting and related topics. Explore and have fun.

UPDATE: The new 404_Error band archive site and my old project, bland officer, is now active on the Noise page!

PSA: Camera+, which has long been one of our favorite camera apps for iOS, is temporarily free, rath

PSA: Camera+, which has long been one of our favorite camera apps for iOS, is temporarily free, rather than $2.99. To get the deal, you have to find an ad in the Apple Store iOS app, and then redeem it in the App Store — Redmond Pie’s got the full details here. It’s worth a shot — even if you decide you hate it, you can’t argue with the price. [Redmond Pie]

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Sony wants to show you how PS4′s online game-sharing works

When next Tuesday’s 2.0 update hits for the PlayStation 4, Sony will finally turn one of the most ambitious promises it made when the console was first announced a reality. We’re talking about Share Play, of course. We know: the ability to virtually hand a controller off to a pal via the internet and have them work through a game’s tricky section for you sounds kinda like magic — the type that only Disney is capable of. But, in theory it sounds pretty simple, and the catch-up king has recently released a video that walks through the process step by step. From the looks of it, the new feature is added as an option from the DualShock 4′s Share button. Naturally. How well it all works in the wild, however, remains to be seen.

The rub of it is that every function other than screen sharing (meaning, controller passing and a virtual second player controller hand-off) requires a PlayStation Plus subscription. What’s more, these virtual sharing sessions are limited to an hour apiece. After all, Sony’s in the business of selling games — letting you stream a pal’s indefinitely probably isn’t good for the bottom line.

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A Compact Underwater Vehicle: The Nanoseeker

NanoSeeker AUV

The Nanoseeker is a compact underwater vehicle in a torpedo-like form factor. [John] designed the Nanoseeker as completely enclosed vehicle: both the thruster and the control fins are all housed within the diameter of the tube. The thruster is ducted with vents on the sides and control fins integrated into the back of the duct assembly.

[John] designed a compact PCB to drive the vehicle, which includes an STM32F4 alongside several sensors. An MPU-9150 provides IMU functionality and two dual motor driver ICs from TI control the throttle and the control fins. [John] also added a Bluetooth radio for remote control functionality. For those who want a closer look, an image of the schematic is up on his blog.

The board is running MicroPython, which is a small Python implementation optimized for microcontrollers. Although [John]‘s hardware platform looks great, he’s still getting started on his software. We look forward to seeing how his project develops, as his project is one of the smallest underwater vehicles we’ve seen.

[via Dangerous Prototypes]

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Let’s Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

You know what? It’s Friday! Thank goodness! Let’s all make like Diddy and Bjork and talk about anything and everything in this here Kinja, right here, right now.

Plan for tonight? If you’re drinking whiskey at home, here’s hoping you live in Albuquerque so you can take advantage of those sweet, sweet JD deals. If you’re going on a date with a companion sourced from the internet, may you experience a sweet, sweet success (as opposed to one of those bummers). If you’re planning on stuffing your face with delicious cookies, well—I sure wish you could use one of these sweet, sweet dunkin’ buddies.

I would like to see Birdman this weekend. Whatchy’all got goin’ on?

Note: Does anyone know who made the lead gif? Is this where it originated?

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Playdate: We’re livestreaming ‘Fantasia: Music Evolved’ on Xbox One!

The developers at Harmonix Music Systems know a thing or two about music. And we’d hope so, it is in the company name, after all. The studio’s latest Kinect game, Fantasia: Music Evolved, is quite a bit different than anything they’ve done previously, though: it puts players under Mickey’s wizard cap from the classic animated movie of the same name and has them remixing pop songs and classical tracks from the likes of Beethoven and Dvorak with rhythmic gesture controls. Sounds pretty neat on paper, right? But, it’s natural to be skeptical of the title considering the general hit-or-miss nature of Microsoft’s motion sensor. Well, you can come back here at 7 p.m. Eastern / 4 p.m. Pacific and see for yourself as we broadcast live gameplay from the Xbox One. We even have a download code to give away during the stream, too!

[For the record, I'm playing Fantasia: Music Evolved on an Xbox One, using a retail copy (download) provided by Harmonix. I'm streaming the game over wired internet using the Xbox One Twitch app. All that to say, "This game will likely look prettier and run more smoothly on your home equipment. Streaming conditions vary!"]

Watch live video from Engadget on www.twitch.tv

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Dottie the Flip Dot Clock


What is it that we like so much about inefficient, noisy clocks made with inappropriate technology? Answer the question for yourself by watching the video (below) that [David Henshaw] sent us of Dottie, the flip-dot clock.

But besides the piece itself, we really like the progression in the build log, from “how am I going to do this?” to a boxed-up, finished project.

Another stunning aspect of this build is just how nice an acrylic case and a raft of cleverly written software can make a project look. You’d never guess from the front that the back-side was an (incredible) rat’s nest of breadboards and Ethernet wires. Those random switching patterns make you forget all the wiring.

And the servo-steered, solenoid-driven chimes are simply sweet. We’re sure that we’d love to hear them in real life.

We tracked down the referenced electronics.stackexchange post with the circuit diagram, and we’re guessing that the diodes actually allow a simplification of the driver circuit. Perhaps our readers will be up for the challenge. Not that we’d be in any hurry to even touch those breadboards…

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LG’s Next Smartphone Will Have Its Own Processor Inside

LG's Next Smartphone Will Have Its Own Processor Inside

One factor that’s certainly helped in Samsung’s near-domination of the Android market over the last few years is its use of Samsung-manufactured components in its vast range of Android handsets. You can therefore bet that the CEO won’t be too happy to hear that LG is now manufacturing top-end silicon of its own.

LG’s first chip uses ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture, with four 1.5-GHz Cortex A15 for the heavy lifting, with four 1.2GHz A12s helping conserve battery when you’re not churning out the Candy Crush levels. That octa-core layout isn’t exactly revolutionary — it first found service in Samsung’s Exynos 6-powered Galaxy S4 last year — but it’s an impressive step straight up to the big boy’s table for LG.

The chip is being put straight to use in the LG G3 Screen, which will be a 5.9-inch Android-based phablet with a 1080p IPS screen, 2GB of RAM and KitKat 4.4. Release date is still TBA, but LG have said that it’s designed “specifically for the Korean market”, so it might take a little while to work its way stateside. [LG]

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Honda’s pedestrian-detecting technology is coming to cars this year

Loyal Honda fans, crisis averted. You don’t have to switch to Subaru, Volvo or Ford if you want their anti-collision technology, now that the Japanese automaker has officially announced its own. The company has just launched a new and enhanced driver-assistive system called “Sensing,” which, true to its name, can sense vehicles and pedestrians that might be blocking your way. Using a radar hidden in the front grille coupled with a camera on the windshield, the system can detect whether you’re in danger of colliding with another vehicle or a person crossing the street. It then gives you both audio and visual warnings if so, gently applies the break if you still haven’t after a while, and then brakes hard in your stead if you’re thisclose to running somebody over or smashing against another car.

Other than that, the system can also make sure you’re driving in the middle of the lane, as well as recognize traffic signs and show them on the infotainment display. Honda’s Sensing technology will launch alongside the newest Legend luxury sedan (known in the US as the Acura) before the year ends, though the company promises to load it onto more models in the future.

Source Article from http://www.engadget.com/2014/10/24/honda-anti-collision-driver-assist/?ncid=rss_truncated

A Complete C64 System, Emulated on an STM32


The Commodore 64 is the worlds bestselling computer, and we’re pretty sure most programmers and engineers above a certain age owe at least some of their career to this brown/beige keyboard that’s also a computer. These engineers are all grown up now, and it’s about time for a few remakes. [Jeri Ellisworth] owes her success to her version, there are innumerable pieces of the C64 circuit floating around for various microcontrollers, and now [Mathias] has emulated everything (except the SID, that’s still black magic) in a single ARM microcontroller.

On the project page, [Mathais] goes over the capabilities of his board. It uses the STM32F4, overclocked to 235 MHz. There’s a display controller for a 7″ 800×480 TFT, and 4GB of memory for a library of C64 games. Without the display, the entire project is just a bit bigger than a business card. With the display, it’s effectively a C64 tablet, keyboard not included.

This is a direct emulation of the C64, down to individual opcodes in the 6510 CPU of the original. Everything in the original system is emulated, from the VIC, CIAs and VIAs, serial ports, and even the CPU of the 1541 disk drive. The only thing not emulated is the SID chip. That cherished chip sits on a ZIF socket for the amazement of onlookers.

You can check out some images of the build here, or the video demo below.

Source Article from http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/hackaday/LgoM/~3/RcvRGRX3sKw/

Apple and Its Sapphire Supplier Have Officially Broken Up

Apple and Its Sapphire Supplier Have Officially Broken Up

Apple’s relationship with GT Advanced Technologies, the company slated to make its sapphire screens, is over. First, GT Advanced filed for bankruptcy, then closed a pair of its plants, and now a settlement has officially freed the company of its exclusivity obligations to Cupertino.

As a part of the settlement, GT will pay Apple back a $439 million pre-payment over the course of four years by selling furnaces and other technology as it exits the sapphire production racket. GT gets to keep all its intellectual property as part of the deal, and will continue a “technical exchange” with Apple, though the details of what that actually means are unclear.

What it sounds like is that Apple is in a bit of a tough spot for sapphire screens going forward, especially considering the launch of the Apple Watch is presumably coming early next year. It’s possible that “technical exchange” will provide Apple with information that could be helpful in producing sapphire glass going forward, but only if it can find another company to actually make the damn screens. And fast. [GT Advanced via Reuters]

Source Article from http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/_CiOJvYonCE/apple-and-its-sapphire-supplier-have-officially-broken-1649764509