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The World’s Fastest Network Lets You Download a Movie In .2 Milliseconds

The World's Fastest Network Lets You Download a Movie In .2 Milliseconds

Danish researchers just created the Usain Bolt of networks. A team from the Technical University of Denmark used a single multi-core optical fiber to transfer 43 terabits per second, making it the world’s fastest fiber network. I’d say it makes Google Fiber look like 1996 AOL dial-up from a decrepit rural phone line, but that comparison is too kind to Google Fiber.

How fast is 43 terabits per second? As Extreme Tech pointed out, that means you can download a 1 gigabyte movie in .2 milliseconds. The average blink of an eye lasts between 100 and 400 milliseconds. You could download thousands of movies in the blink of an eye. Even the eye of a particularly fast blinker!

It’s not clear exactly how the team pushed so much in so short a time; perhaps they used a protocol similar to Flexigrid, a way to speed up network connections over fiber developed earlier this year. Flexigrid does 1.4 terabits per second, which is extremely fast compared to what’s available commercially but the speed of a fat drunk turtle compared to the DTU team’s 43 terabit miracle, so maybe they’ve developed a completely different and even more advanced protocol.

The DTU team didn’t set the record by rigging up some impossible-to-implement system. Since they used a single fiber from Japanese telecom company NTT, their technique is actually commercially viable. So that’s awesome: This research could (and should!) be used to set up way faster network connections. [Extreme Tech]

Image via PeterPhoto123/Shutterstock

Source Article from http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/e4fd8lXMnuU/the-worlds-fastest-network-lets-you-download-a-movie-in-1614039292

ZX Spectrum Turned Into A USB Keyboard


They’re a little hard to find in the US, but the ZX Spectrum is right up there with the Commodore 64 and the Atari 8-bit computers in England. [Alistair] wanted to recreate the feeling of sitting right in front of the TV with his Speccy, leading him to create the ZX Keyboard, a Spectrum repurposed into a USB keyboard.

While most projects that take an old key matrix and turn it into a USB keyboard use the TMK firmware, [Alistair] wanted to flex his programming muscles and wrote the firmware from scratch. It runs on an Arduino Pro Mini, scanning the matrix of five columns and eight half rows to turn combinations of keypresses into an astonishing number of commands, given the limited number of keys on the ZX.

The firmware is available on [Alistair]‘s repo, available to anyone who doesn’t want to pay the £50 a new ZX Spectrum keyboard will cost. As far as the usability of a Spectrum keyboard goes, at least [Alistair] didn’t have an Atari 400 sitting in the attic.

Source Article from http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/hackaday/LgoM/~3/9vWZb1aVtSM/

The Most Charming Alien Invasion You’ll Ever Witness

When an alien from the distant planet Hondo comes to Earth with a plan to destroy all civilization, he does what any Earth-invading alien would do: He joins a bluegrass band. That’s the plot of the 2013 film The History of Future Folk, and it’s every bit as delightfully campy as it sounds.

While the film is a sweet little romp, the music in the film is truly excellent, thanks to the real band Future Folk, who sing like the Flight of the Concords and look like Tenacious D. The band has been playing together for years—including a nationwide tour this summer!—so should you want to have an actual close encounter with General Trius and The Mighty Kevin, check to see if they’re coming to a city near you. Meanwhile, you can rent the film on iTunes, Amazon or Netflix.

Source Article from http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/UdfsBppjvFE/the-most-charming-alien-invasion-youll-ever-witness-1613697989

Aerodynamics? Super Honey Badger Don’t Give a @#*^@!


[Arron Bates] is a pro R/C Pilot from Australia. He’s spent the last few years chasing the dream of a fixed wing plane which could perform unlimited spins. After some promising starts with independently controlled wing spoilers, [Arron] went all in and created The Super Honey Badger. Super Honey Badger is a giant scale R/C plane with the tail of a helicopter and a soul of pure awesome.

Starting with a standard 87″ wingspan Extra 300 designed for 3D flight, [Arron] began hacking. The entire rear fuselage was removed and replaced with carbon fiber tubes. The standard Extra 300 tail assembly fit perfectly on the tubes. Between the abbreviated fuselage and the tail, [Arron] installed a tail rotor from an 800 size helicopter. A 1.25 kW brushless motor drives the tail rotor while a high-speed servo controls the pitch.

[Arron] debuted the plane at HuckFest 2013, and pulled off some amazing aerobatics. The tail rotor made 540 stall turn an easy trick to do – even with an airplane. Flat spins were a snap to enter, even from fast forward flight! Most of [Arron's] maneuvers defy any attempt at naming them – just watch the videos after the break.

Sadly, Super Honey Badger was destroyed in May of 2014 due to a structural failure in the carbon tubes. [Arron] walked away without injury and isn’t giving up., He’s already dropping major hints about a new plane (facebook link).

Watch the control surfaces move in the videos. It’s worth noting that Super Honey Badger carries no gyros or flight stabilization systems. The plane’s every move is in direct response to [Arron's] control inputs.


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Facebook Is Killing Off Its Gift Service Altogether

Facebook Is Killing Off Its Gift Service Altogether

The laziest way to send your nearest and dearest a gift is gone: Facebook has announced that it’s killing off its Gifts service entirely as of August 12th.

This time last year, Facebook shuttered the part of its gift service that allowed users to order physical presents through the site. Instead, for the past twelve months you’ve been able to send digital gift cards to friends on the social network. Now, though, reports Re/code, it’s decided to shut down the whole outfit.

According to Facebook, the decision is part of a move to help developers and businesses that use Facebook to drive their own sales, rather than turning Facebook into its own online store. Indeed, Facebook has recently been trialling a Buy button, asserting itself as kind of storefront where it handles the transactions and third parties fulfil the orders.

That may be true. But the other reason that Facebook is shutting down Gifts? Because nobody used it. [Re/code]

Source Article from http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/y9QoLyE4QLY/facebook-is-killing-off-its-gift-service-altogether-1613197262

A 3D Printed Brushless Motor

brushlessBuilding electronics with 3D printers is something we see hitting the tip line from time to time, but usually these are printed circuits, not electromechanical parts like motors, solenoids, and relays. [pitrack] thought he could do better than printing out a few blinking LED circuits and designed and built a brushless motor, the same kind you would find on electric model planes and quadcopters.

In every brushless DC motor, there are a few common parts: the rotor has a few powerful magnets embedded in it, a stators with coils of wire, and the an enclosure to keep everything together. [pitrack] printed all these parts off on his Makerbot, winding each of the three coils with about 400 turns of 26 AWG magnet wire. Also embedded in the stator are a trio of hall effect sensors to make the control via an Arduino and an L6234 motor driver easy.

For his next trick, [pitrack] is going to test the efficiency of the motor and attempt to optimize it. In the long term, it should be possible to parameterize the design of one of these printed motors, effectively allowing anyone to type in the torque and Kv rating of a desired motor, plug that into an equation, and have a motor design come out the other end.

Source Article from http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/hackaday/LgoM/~3/QjDlrfJI3Xs/

Deals: Tiny-but-Powerful Speaker, LG G3, Gaming Gear, Hunger Games

Deals: Tiny-but-Powerful Speaker, LG G3, Gaming Gear, Hunger Games

Ultimate Ears MINI BOOM offers shockingly robust sound in a tiny, tastefully-designed package. This model took home the Wirecutter’s pick for best portable speaker, and Amazon is currently selling it for the lowest price they’ve ever offered. [Ultimate Ears Mini Boom, $79]

Deals: Tiny-but-Powerful Speaker, LG G3, Gaming Gear, Hunger Games

LG G3 is the new king of the Android hill, and Best Buy is selling them for $100 each with a two year contract on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. [LG G3, $100]

Deals: Tiny-but-Powerful Speaker, LG G3, Gaming Gear, Hunger Games

With an 8.4″ screen that’s firmly in the tablet Goldilocks zone, this is one of the best Samsung tablets you can buy.
$280 gets you the device and a ton of great extras, including a year of free GoGo In-Flight Wi-Fi, 50GB of Dropbox space, a $25 Google Play credit, and more. [Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4", $280]

Deals: Tiny-but-Powerful Speaker, LG G3, Gaming Gear, Hunger Games

If there are any upcoming games on your wishlist, Amazon is offering up
$5 digital game credits with select preorders. Your options include Civilization: Beyond Earth, The Sims 4, Far Cry 4, and more. [$5 Digital Games Credit with Select Preorders]

Deals: Tiny-but-Powerful Speaker, LG G3, Gaming Gear, Hunger Games

handheld baton-style lamps charge over USB, and are great for camping, fishing, or just finding your way around your basement. Today, you can get two for the price of one. [BOGO OxyLED Handheld Lamps, $20 with promo code 6SIT9TXT]

Deals: Tiny-but-Powerful Speaker, LG G3, Gaming Gear, Hunger Games

Everyone hates surge protector-hogging power bricks, but these
passthrough cables let you set them aside and keep your outlets accessible. The cords even have an additional outlet right on the plug to essentially double your outlet space. [5-Pack Ziotek Power Strip Liberator Plus with Pass Through, $15]

Deals: Tiny-but-Powerful Speaker, LG G3, Gaming Gear, Hunger Games

If you’re still using any of your TVs’ built-in speakers, do yourself a favor and upgrade with one of these sound bar deals. The SCEPTRE frequently sells for over $100, and the Pioneer is going for $370 new on Amazon right now.

SCEPTRE SB301523 2.1-Channel Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofer ($50) | Amazon

Pioneer Andrew Jones Bluetooth Speaker Bar System ($155) | Woot

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If you own a
lot of gadgets, a good USB desktop charger is a must. This one has a whopping 7 ports, and enough power to juice up everything from smartphones to your iPad at full speed. [Bolse 7-Port 60W USB Charger, $33 with code 7FKV4UYK]

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Pick up a $40 gift with the purchase of
the best gaming headset, the Astro A50 today, and check out the long list of other discounted peripherals we’ve got for you. [Astro A50]

Deals: Tiny-but-Powerful Speaker, LG G3, Gaming Gear, Hunger Games

If you’ve never actually managed to read The Hunger Games, it’s two dollars today.

Deals: Tiny-but-Powerful Speaker, LG G3, Gaming Gear, Hunger Games

If you have any TVs that aren’t connected to some kind of streaming box, it’s tough to beat aChromecast for $30. [Google Chromecast, $30]

Deals: Tiny-but-Powerful Speaker, LG G3, Gaming Gear, Hunger Games

If you’ve been noodling with the idea of building a projector-based home theater, this might push you over the edge. This Optoma projector has great reviews, is marked down to its lowest price ever, and comes with a free $100 Amazon gift card to boot. Scroll down the page to find the special offer, and click “Add Both To Cart.”[Optoma HD131Xe 1080p 2500 Lumen Full 3D DLP Home Theater Projector + $100 Amazon Gift Card, $672]

Deals: Tiny-but-Powerful Speaker, LG G3, Gaming Gear, Hunger Games

In addition to a super-thin design, this 2TB external from Seagate allows you to wirelessly access its contents on your iOS or Android device via Seagate’s mobile apps. It’s also TheWirecutter’s favorite portable hard drive, so buy with confidence. [Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB, $100]

Deals: Tiny-but-Powerful Speaker, LG G3, Gaming Gear, Hunger Games

If you don’t mind running to your nearest Target store, you can take
$10 off a $40 order today when you buy online, but pick up in-store. You can use this deal four times per account, giving you up to $40 in savings on video games, electronics, groceries, or anything else in stock at Target. [Get $10 off a $40 In-Store Pickup Order at Target]

Personally, I grabbed Settlers of Catan for $38, then a discounted bottle of SodaStream syrup to hit the threshold.

Source Article from http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/tDT2G6L3CBc/+shepmcallister

THP Entry: Tinusaur AVR Platform Teaches Noobs, Plays Game of Life

tinusaur[Neven Boyanov] says there’s nothing special about Tinusaur, the bite-sized platform for learning and teaching the joys of programming AVRs. But if you’re dying to gain a deeper understanding of your Arduino or are looking to teach someone else the basics, you may disagree with that assessment.

Tinusaur is easy to assemble and contains only the components necessary for ATTiny13/25/45/85 operation (the kit comes with an ’85). [Neven] saved space and memory by forgoing USB, and there no voltage regulator. An optional button cell mount and jumper are included in the kit.

[Neven] is selling boards and kits through the Tinusaur site, or you can get the board from a few 3rd party vendors. His site has some projects and useful guides for assembling and driving your Tinusaur. He recently programmed it to play Conway’s Game of Life on an 8×8 LED matrix. If you’re looking for the zero-entry side of the AVR swimming pool, you can program it from the Arduino IDE. Be warned, though; they aren’t fully compatible.

SpaceWrencherThe project featured in this post is an entry in The Hackaday Prize. Build something awesome and win a trip to space or hundreds of other prizes.

Source Article from http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/hackaday/LgoM/~3/QrRSS9XG-OQ/

The Self-Perpetuating, Globe-Circling, High-Speed Train from Snowpiercer

The entirety of the film Snowpiercer takes place on a train—a very special train that I can’t stop thinking about. The movie itself is great—we’ve followed the film here due to its unique distribution plan to be made available on-demand platforms just weeks after being released in theaters—but to be honest, I was most captivated by the train itself.

I’m not going to spoil anything here when I tell you that 18 years from now, due to a foiled plan to save the world from global warming, we’ve managed to turn the planet into a frozen blob of ice. The few surviving humans are staying alive by circumnavigating the globe on a high-speed train. If the train stops, they’ll freeze to death. (I know, it sounds like The Road meets Speed meets The Polar Express—but it works!)

But wait just a second, there. A high-speed train that circumnavigates the globe? Indeed.

The Self-Perpetuating, Globe-Circling, High-Speed Train from Snowpiercer

Imagine a high-speed rail system that serves many of the world’s major continents (except Australia, Greenland and much of Asia—looks like there was some kind of falling out with India and China in 2029). It’s extensive and efficient and Hyper Loop-ish and looks like it worked incredibly well before the whole freezing-to-death thing. In the film, it takes an entire year to make the circuit, which is how they measure time.

After I caught a glimpse of the route map about halfway through the film, I kept fantasizing about the potential of a global train running on an infinite loop. Of course the explanation behind the train’s perpetual motion is a bit more nefarious (let’s just say it’s not solar powered) and I don’t think any of the passengers cared about the long-term implications of a rail system linking much of Africa. But there I was, dreaming of hopping a train to New York City, by way of Rio and the Caribbean Tunnel.

As previously mentioned, you can head out to the theater to see Snowpiercer today, you might be able to watch it on-demand with your local provider, or you can buy or rent it on iTunes or Amazon. I highly recommend seeing it through whichever delivery method you prefer—the bone-chilling premise is especially welcome on a hot summer day.

Stills via Brent of the Fabulous Wild

Source Article from http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/NNRuOiidUzQ/the-self-perpetuating-globe-circling-high-speed-train-1612253272

Building A True Unix Keyboard


compact keyboards that do away with a third of the keys you would usually find on a normal-sized keyboard are all the rage now, but for [jonhiggs], they weren’t good enough. There is a long tradition of Unix shortcuts these compact keyboards don’t pay attention to – CTRL-A being the Home key, and CTRL-D being the Page Down key. To fix this horrible oversight of Unix history, [jon] tore apart one of these compact keyboards, rewired the switch matrix, and made his own perfect keyboard.

The keyboard [jon] is using is a Filco Minila, a very nice and high quality keyboard in its own right.  After mapping out the switch matrix, [jon] wired all the switches up to a Teensy 2.0 loaded up with the TMK firmware. This is a pretty standard way of building a custom keyboard, and [jon] could have just cut a switch plate and installed panel-mount switches and wired up the matrix and diodes point to point. The case for the keyboard is constructed out of Lego.

Because this is a true, modern Unix keyboard, [jon] needed to connect this keyboard to a box running his *nix of choice. He’s doing this in the most future-retro way possible, with an Amazon EC2 instance. This project isn’t done yet, and [jon] is hoping to add an ARM dev board, an iPad Retina display, battery, and SSD, turning this into a completely homebrew laptop designed around [jon]‘s needs.

Source Article from http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/hackaday/LgoM/~3/1P9DonYSmAo/